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Projects of the year
1- kitchen gardens
                    After the great success of the  Vegetable Garden project realised in partnership with the Middle School El Mansour Eddahbi (Ouarzazate) over an area of 500 m², the Association launches its second project of the same kind in partnership with Asma Primary school (Ouarzazate) on a area of over 600 m².
          These projects aim firstly to improve the green spaces in the targeted institutions, and secondly, to educate younger generations about the importance of green spaces in the life of man and the need to take care of them. They will also serve to inform children about organic farming and its benefits on individuals and on the whole ecological system.
           These projects will also provide a space to operate in different academic disciplines, especially the natural sciences.
2- Activities of entertainment for deaf children
          Every year, AGCI celebrates the International Day for the Deaf in partnership with the Association Achourouk for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Ouarzazate). Thus, the Association launches a number of  educational and recreational activities for the benefit of the deaf children who are studying in the school Achourouk. These activities take place every Wednesday afternoon throughout the school year, except during the holidays when the students, most of whom come from other cities, go home to their families.
           These activities are designed and carried out by members of the Association and volunteers of the Peace Corps with the help and support of leaders of Achourouk school.
              Through these activities, the Association aims to consolidate the enormous work done by Achourouk Association for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Ouarzazate) and to assist in the development of the personality of these children in order to facilitate their integration into their communities. 

3- Free classes

    For many years now, the association offers enormous help with the schooling of kids, especially kids of poor families. We try according our means to help these kids financially by providing them with the school stationary they need for their studies. We also organize free classes; especially in French, to help them get over the difficulties they are facing in their learnings. Through a number of educational and recreational activities, we try to make up for the deficiencies in the acquirements of these kids.

4- environment clubs
   In order to promote the interest of young generations in all issues related to environment, and in order to involve them in the initiatives aiming at protecting it, the association created two environment clubs in two public schools in the city of Ouarzazate; One in Asma Bint Abi Bakr primary school and the other in El Mansour Eddahbi middle school. These clubs are a space for both sharing and action. They offer to the students an atmosphere where they can express themselves about everything concerning environment; their fears, their views, their opinions. They also offer an opportunity to build and carry out projects aiming at sensitizing their class-mates and the whole community of the necessity to help protect our environment.
    The association supervises and provides all the materials needed to carry out the activities of these clubs.

5- road security
   AGCI can't turn a blind eye toward the damage that road accidents are making every day. We assume our responsibility toward our community. Following this perspective, we try to contribute to the national effort to limit to the maximum the havoc, both human and financial, that accidents create over the years.
   Every year, we organize activities to sensitize the young generations of the necessity to take action, all of us, in this national effort because "We Are ALL Responsible". Cultural, educational, recreational activities, shows, simulations are organized, whether for the National Day for Road Security or on other periods of the year, by the association in many establishments with the participation of kids in both the planning of the carrying out of these small projects.

6- OTHER activities
   AGCI also organizes different activities in different public establishments to improve their conditions, especially the green areas within them.
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