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  The Association Generations for International Workcamps is a non-profit association created by a group of young people from Ouarzazate with the intention of bringing a qualitative addition to associative work in this area. With a group of young people who have accumulated a great experience in voluntary work and international workcamps and a strong motivation to act for the benefit of the community, the association means to accomplish many activities in different domains , especially for kids and environment.
   Through a variety of activities, among which are those organized and carried out by the members of the association and others that are open to the participation of people from all over the world, the association will give the kids of this area opportunities to learn and to spend their free time in an interesting way; a fact which will improve their performance in school and also help build their personalities. It will also draw their attention, as well as that of adults, to the dangers threatening our environment and therefore to the importance of working together against anything that may affect it and to contribute to the efforts furnished by the state to protect the environment.
   The association is also ready to give its help to any public establishment in need of its services and to participate in or help with any activity for the benefit of the community.
Association Générations pour les Chantiers Internationaux
      BP 86, Agence Al Barid Bank Tassoumaâte, 45000 Ouarzazate,  Maroc           
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